Our Strategic Plan for the Future

Earlier this year, our Board of Directors met with a local facilitator, Robin Schepper, to draft a three year plan for the future of Piknik Theatre programming. Here are the three areas of development the Board is targeting:

  • Year round programming: Our current programming includes an outdoor summer season including two shows and an indoor fall production. In 2020, we’re planning a winter holiday performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with the intention ofmaking this an annual event. We’re proposing a pilot workshop to provide grief/loss therapy through storytelling and performance later in the year. Our goal is to have year round programming by 2023.
  • Marketing and promotion: We’re redesigning our website and refining our advertising campaign based upon survey results first obtained in 2019. We’re collaborating with the local arts council and chamber of commerce to expand our regional marketing efforts with the intention of increasing visitor audience members. We plan to continue with an annual survey of our audience and input from our board of directors.
  • Financial planning: We’re building our database of donors and expanding our outreach to local businesses to increase our levels of local support. As with many resort communities we have a large number of second homeowners. They represent a new source of funding and artistic support that we intend to explore.

Financial sustainability is our greatest challenging in a resort community Financial sustainability is our greatest challenging in a resort community known primarily for its recreational opportunities. The Board believes that by paying attention to our focus on diverse and professional performance, that will change. The mantra for performing arts success is “Good Art, Well Marketed.” We’ve proven we have the artistic quality; we need to improve our marketing efforts both within and without our community and trust that financial sustainability will follow.

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