Piknik Theatre 2021 Update

Upcoming Events FREE Summer 2021 productions:

2021 Piknik Theatre Youth Acting Workshop

Weeklong youth theatre workshop for ages 11-18. Students train with professional actors to have fun and learn or develop acting skills.

Students will register for the full week program, Monday-Friday, 9am-noon, to learn and enjoy classic Shakespeare, musical theatre, and basic acting skills.

Outdoor Summer Season, 2021:

Sunday through Thursday, beginning July 25 through August 5, 6pm, Yampa River Botanic Park, Admission FREE

Fall season of Romeo and Juliet: 

September 22 – October 2, Wednesday through Saturday,

7:30pm curtain; 9:30 closing with 15 minute intermission.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Steamboat Springs, CO.

To sign up for your sponsorship package, please contact Executive Director, Stuart Handloff, for details, at 970-355-9403, email to pikniktheatre@gmail.com, or click the donate button at our website: www.pikniktheatre.org. Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you during our upcoming season!


We wouldn’t be here without you!

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