“The Mail Order Husband”

Director’s Note

Good evening (or whatever time you’re listening in) and welcome to this audio production of “The Mail Order Husband,” by Jessica Austgen, directed by Stuart Handloff, and performed by the company members of The Piknik Theatre, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Support for this production has been provided by Steamboat Radio; Colorado Creative Industries and the National Endowment for the Arts; the City of Steamboat Springs; Tony and Emily Seaver; the Yampa Valley Community Foundation; and – hopefully – from listeners like you. A “free” performance doesn’t mean “no cost” and we depend on donations from each and every one of you, in whatever amount you can afford, to keep our actors working and our productions flowing. To easily give a tax deductible donation, go to this website: https://www.coloradogives.org/YampaValleyPerformingArtsCouncil/overview

Please use headphones for maximum enjoyment and appreciation of the rich audio technology incorporated into this program. So, please put them on now, if you haven’t already done so, and enjoy “The Mail Order Husband.”

Thanks for the memories, Susan Schiesser

This production was recorded at The Keep, a Commercial Recording Studio in Denver, CO

The Keep is a 2 room, 1900 sq ft. recording studio located in the Antique Row/Green Mile area of South Broadway in Denver, CO.  The Keep features a comfort driven, state of the art recording environment that blends the best of digital and analog equipment along with world class microphones, outboard gear, and guitar amplifiers. Led by grammy nominated, platinum accredited recording engineers, The Keep provides a classic studio experience of which comfort and efficiency are as important as gear and daily rates.

5 thoughts on ““The Mail Order Husband””

  1. Matt Scharf says:

    Outstanding! Very entertaining! It’s helps to live here and know the details of our history in Steamboat Springs. Please keep it going!

  2. Larry Moore says:

    Fantastic! I loved it! Great story and acting!

    1. stuart says:

      Thanks Larry. So glad you enjoyed it. It was quite an experience to develop and produce.

  3. Jackie Thornberry says:

    I enjoyed this production very much. The story, sound and acting were great! It was fun visualizing the places in the story now that I know more about Steamboat. Thanks for making this available to us.

  4. Joel Wefel says:

    Laughter is the best medicine and it sure made me laugh! I had a great grandma named Ida and haven’t heard that name mentioned until this presentation. Great job and thanks for making it available in public domain

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